A Poetry Competition League. Will be discussing rules, contenders, divisions, and more.

    What Poets Society is about.



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    What Poets Society is about.

    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:26 am

    This is PoetsSociety.forummotion.com, and welcome. Hopefully, soon-to-be PoetsSociety.com!

    Currently, this will be very vague. We have no rules, or really anything set up quite yet. But this is a site in which we will be discussing it at. Feel free to join the discussion if you're serious about joining this league.

    This website is going to be a forum for a Poetry Competition League. The easiest way (and shortest) I can explain this. Is think of a Sports league. Football will probably be the best example.

    We will have different divisions (us as a whole will decide how many divisions. For example purposes, let's say we have 2 divisions.)

    There will be no teams, everyone will be single and battling head-on with a another Poet.

    A poet from week to week (or every other week. Depending on availability.) will go head-on with another poet. Not to make fun of each other, but who can produce the best piece of poetry.

    Currently, we don't have a way of deciding the winner. Various ways of voting will be discussed along with other measures of deciding. Again, join the conversation to jog ideas around Wink

    There will be a Play Off bracket after the season is over. Then it will be do or die time. The winner will move on, and the loser simply wont.

    There will obviously be a Championship. Where the 2 best Poets will face-off.

    Rules, stipulations, and poetry content will be discussed for all 3 of these.

    This is only starting off as an idea, a pretty darn good one at that. It'l help fellow poets escape writers block, keep writers block from happening, and it'l just be a great experience if we have loyal and dedicated members.

    Join this league. You wont regret it Smile


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