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    Battle Content.

    Post  Convalesce on Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:10 am

    One topic that came up was how we were going to battle each poet.

    I don't want to stick to just 1 battle, as people might not write as well in a specific way.

    My first initial thought was to select a few Poetry styles and randomly select them using a Randomizer website.

    Topical Poetry- Topical Poetry is based on a picture. There will be one picture posted, and the battlers will have to write what the picture inspires them to write. Keeping on topic is key in this battle.

    Song Poetry- Battlers will write a Poetic song to an instrumental. Use the instrumental to inspire you.

    Free Lance- Battlers will write about ANYTHING. Plain and simple. (probably their dream content)

    These are my ideas. There are not set in stone, these are just my ideas. What are your thoughts?

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